Black Leather Strap - Tough TieBlack Leather Strap - Tough Tie

Black Leather Strap

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White Leather Strap - Tough TieWhite Leather Strap - Tough Tie

White Leather Strap

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Tan Canvas Strap - Tough Tie

Tan Canvas Strap

From $17.50
Black Canvas Strap - Tough TieBlack Canvas Strap - Tough Tie

Black Canvas Strap

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From $17.50

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Ratchet belts are belts that use a track system built into the back of the belt strap and a locking mechanism on the back of the buckle to lock the belt in place. Tough Ratchet belts have 32 size options spaced 1/4" apart to provide the exact fit that you need every single time. Standard belts have roughly 5 holes only providing 5 sizing options. Ratchet belts are also commonly referred to as track belts, slide belts, and click belts. All use the same system although the locking mechanism on the buckle may differ slightly. Our standard Tough Ratchet Strap comes in a 42 pant and is designed to be cut down to size. Our XL ratchet strap comes in a 60 pant. Ratchet Buckles and Ratchet straps are all interchangeable.