The Bold and Beautiful “Meyer” is a straight up power tie if there ever was one. Put this bold red tie around your neck and immediately experience a 37% increase in confidence and negotiation skills. The large red stripes are broken up by thinner black and white stripes. Head to that power lunch with surety that your tie can stand up to any stain, spill or smudge it comes in contact with. Pair with navy, black or charcoal slacks or suit.

👔 How it helps you:

  • Water-Proof material that repels spills and stains
  • MACHINE Washable (no dry cleaning necessary)
  • Microfiber back tipping to clean your phone or glasses
  • Snag-Proof fabric to keep your tie looking sharp
  • Each pattern is custom designed and printed to help you express your personality
  • Red with Black/White Stripes - Meyer

👔 Sizing:

  • Slim / Skinny: 2.5" Width | 58" Length
  • Standard: 3.25" Width | 61.5" Length (Extra Long)

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