Did you know Flamingos sleep standing up on one leg? This and other useful knowledge nuggets will come naturally when you don our Pink Flamingo Tie, The Mingo. The sky blue flamingos evenly spaced across the blush background are a refreshing spin on the traditional flamingo tie and will induce compliments wherever you soar. Just like a Flamingo’s wings The Mingo is totally water-proof repelling even the worst of spills. Stand out from the crowd with The Mingo. Available in skinny tie width (2.5”) or traditional width (3.25”).

Matching Mingo Socks

Tough Tie Sizing and Features

Mingo - Pink & Blue Flamingo Tie - Tough Apparel

      • Machine Wash Cold in Tough Tie Wash Bag to prevent tangling
      • Hang Dry
      • Steam with iron if wrinkles remain

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