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June 11, 2021 4 min read

With 5 Easy Steps

There’s few gifts better than custom face socks.


Seeing your loved one’s reaction when they open that bag and see a pair of socks plastered in familiar faces is truly awesome.


This could be yourface, maybe your kid'sface, or even the giftee'sface.


Bottom line is that face socks are super fun and make an incredible personalized gift.


They take an ordinary and, many times, boring gift and turn it into a 100% personalized and meaningful gift that is guaranteed to generate genuine smiles and laughs.


Not those awkward fake laughs and thank yous that terrible gifts create.

"We love our custom socks! They are hilarious and made the perfect fun gift!"

-Dustynn M.


Getting custom face socks is usually a nightmare for a few different reasons.

  1. They can cost anywhere from $25-$30 for a SINGLE PAIR!
  2. Most companies that offer them take FOREVER to make them.
  3. The socks suck. Unfortunately most companies use low quality socks.
  4. Typically you don’t even get to see a mockup of the face socks before they arrive at your door. Instead, you upload a picture during checkout andhopeandpraythat the designer doesn’t muck up the design.


In this post we’ll fix all 4 annoying problems by teaching you how to make your own High Quality, USA Made, custom face socks in less than 3 minutes over 5 simple steps, that you can upload here and have printed in 1-2 business days, all for less than $20!

Step 1:

Decide which faces you want on the socks! This could be your face, their face, or anyone else's face that will garner the reaction you’re hoping for.

silly face for custom face socks

Step 2:

Find a good picture of the face! Having a closeup picture is always best, and having one with a solid or non-busy background will make step 3 much easier.

Step 3:

Cut out the face from the picture! This is typically the hardest part of this whole process and why you don’t usually get to see a mockup of your socks before you purchase them. But with the right tools this step is SUPER EASY!


There’s a bunch of free background removing tools online and any of them will get the job done. For the sake of simplicity we’re going to show you how to do this using the website Head over to and simply upload the picture you’ll be pulling the face from.

The software will automatically do it’s best to remove the background of the image.

Once the software has done it's job you can easily cut out the rest of the picture or body that you don’t want on the socks. Do this by clicking on the “edit” button and then the “erase/restore” button. Simply erase the rest of the picture you don’t want on the sock.

If you accidentally erase too much simply click on the “restore” button and bring the picture back. Then click on “erase” again and erase the parts you don’t want.

Boom! Now you have a perfect face to put on those socks.
face cut out of picture for custom face socks

Step 4:

Put the face on a fun sock pattern! This is where another free software called Canva comes into play. We use Canva ALL THE TIME because it’s insanely user friendly and makes designing anything, including custom face socks, a breeze, regardless of experience level. You will have to create a free account to use the website, but it’s 100% worth it and you may even find yourself using it for other creative projects!


To simplify things we’ve also created 6 templates for you to start with that you can simply slap the face picture on and call it good!

Or If you want to create your own sock design from scratch simply click on the “create a design” button in the top right of the website. Create a 4” Wide by 20” tall design as your base. Use the tools on the left to create an incredible backdrop for your face socks. Upload your face picture and sprinkle that face all over the sock until your heart's content!

Once you get the design how you want it simply download the image as a “PNG” file. Be sure to only select the file you want to download.

Step 5:

Head over to to upload your design into our custom sock creator.

Copy the image to the other sock and wabaam!

You just created your own custom USA Made face socks for less than $20, that will be made in 1-2 business days and then shipped straight to you!


Don’t let crappy socks, long wait times and uncertain designs prevent you from experiencing the joy that this smile generating gift can bring!


Simply follow steps 1-5 and provide a gift that they’ll cherish every time they slip 'em over their toes!

Written by Skylar Bennett

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